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The Key to Growing Your Company? Knowing Your Company

Too often, companies that have the standard off-the-shelf firm management tools try to use all of the many metrics they provide to track, manage, and grow things like their revenue and profitability. That’s where we were many years ago — juggling dozens of figures without knowing which of them would have the biggest impact on our financial health.

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Earned Value Analysis: The Missing Piece in Project Management

As we?ve learned from our work with architecture/engineering (A/E) firms, there are relatively few absolutes when it comes to operating them. But, here?s one: If you aren?t managing projects well, you aren?t going to be successful. And while there are many aspects to effective project management, spending less money than you have budgeted for them is a core competency for any firm.

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Profitability 101: What We’ve Learned Along the Way

If you’ve succeeded in growing revenue but aren’t seeing profitability keep pace, you aren’t alone. That was the position we were in for years, and it’s an issue for many companies today. In our case, we learned that relying on the typical, single-focus firm management systems for project tracking, resource scheduling, and other tasks wasn’t giving us the holistic perspective we needed to run our business effectively, grow profitability, and increase firm valuation.

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