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Why Successful Firms Go Beyond Accounting to Financial Management

Many architecture and engineering (A/E) firms see the terms “accounting” and “financial management” as synonyms. But the truth is that while they’re related, they are very different practices. And while limiting its focus to the former will allow an A/E firm to meet its financial obligations and survive, the latter is required for firms that want to thrive.

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How to Empower Project Managers to Manage Effectively

What we know from our work with A/E firms is that the “what” of the project manager role is simple; the “how” is incredibly complex. And because the job is so complex, firm principals are often hesitant to give PMs the responsibility and authority they need to be effective in their work. The work gets done, but the principal ends up being far more involved than they need to be because they are the ones who have the necessary information about the project.

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Earned Value Analysis: The Missing Piece in Project Management

As we?ve learned from our work with architecture/engineering (A/E) firms, there are relatively few absolutes when it comes to operating them. But, here?s one: If you aren?t managing projects well, you aren?t going to be successful. And while there are many aspects to effective project management, spending less money than you have budgeted for them is a core competency for any firm.

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