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How A/E Firms Can Invest in Project Managers This Year: 5 Proven Tips

Times are changing. Employees no longer plan to stay with one firm for decades—particularly if it becomes clear that they won’t be getting the role they’re focused on. They want to be PMs and they want to start their training asap. That means A/E firms have to be intentional about how they “groom” their talent if they want the best employees to stick around.

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Tips for Making the Holidays Happier for A/E Firm Accountants

The exclamation “Happy Holidays!” typically rings a little hollow for architecture and engineering (A/E) firm accountants. Instead of being fun and festive, the end of the calendar year is one of their busiest times (along with tax season), as they scramble to complete a variety of tasks. However, there are ways that A/E firm accounting departments can complete those tasks without all of the usual stress.

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Beyond Profitability: 4 Key Intangibles That Affect A/E-Firm Valuation

It is important as an architecture or engineering (A/E) firm owner to manage your firm’s valuation in order to ensure that it’s accurate and meets expectations. But it’s important to note that too much management of your stock value can cause internal buyers to be apprehensive. This is particularly true if you haven’t educated your employees (i.e., the next generation of owners) about how an A/E firm is run.

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