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Beyond Profitability: 4 Key Intangibles That Affect A/E-Firm Valuation

It is important as an architecture or engineering (A/E) firm owner to manage your firm’s valuation in order to ensure that it’s accurate and meets expectations. But it’s important to note that too much management of your stock value can cause internal buyers to be apprehensive. This is particularly true if you haven’t educated your employees (i.e., the next generation of owners) about how an A/E firm is run.

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Strategies for Successful Project Negotiations — Part 5: Seeing Things From Your Client’s Perspective

In this post, we address the final piece to the negotiation puzzle: seeing things from the client’s perspective. And this is definitely a case of “last, but not least.” While negotiation is, by its nature, a very “us-focused” activity, putting yourself in the client’s shoes is essential to success.

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